The new residence on the promenade near Singapore River

The new develop promoters in Singapore is Fraser residence promenade which is located in the heart of Singapore. The property around the Singapore River was initially under control of government land. As the government triggered sale programme for reserve list of government land and this property became Fraser residence promenade condo property. They are the first promenades represents the premium property holder and they have property located in city center which is near to great world city which is in MRT station and Thomson east coast line. Their sites are located near to all essential amenities which makes the customer advantage in buying. The Fraser Residence Promenade on Singapore River coast site also has many amenities such as shopping malls, pubs, restaurants and transport facilities even more. The Fraser residences promenade a better life style for everyone.

Fraser residence promenade facilities

The Fraser residence promenade offers their own unique facilities which includes:

  • club house, 
  • indoor gym facilities, 
  • tennis court for playing, 
  • they offer residence with 50 meters swimming pool
  • sun deck to make customer happy,
  • function room for maintenances,
  • security house,
  • children’s playground,
  • BBQ pits,
  • Fraser residence promenade condo’s.

The Fraser Residence Promenade Condo is afacility where you and your family can have lots of entertainment with your loved people. It would be an awesome and peaceful lifestyle with trendy facilities on right of heart of the Singapore River in river valley road.

Benefits of Fraser residence promenade

Singapore River is one of the most famous rivers with 3.2 kilo meters long which is located in the center of island’s region which runs along the Fraser residence promenade. The river valley holds several retails and sales options since it holds lots of history the value of residence here is high.

Fraser residence promenade location is remains as center point to connect trading with India and china most of the traders would prefer to buy any property in this location. The Fraser residence promenade condo’s makes more comfortable since it is surrounded by all amenities along with mass transport services such as subway, railway station and bus facilities. So most of the real estate experts would prefer to get this because the can earn the spend amount easily since the value of the property is high as it is located in the heart of the Singapore river.