What To Know About Void Armor

Pest control is a mini-game and safe, because, players will not die in this game and reborn, to join the game immediately. The game is all about killing monsters and destroying the portals that create new monsters. Voidarmor is added to the game recently with a void dimension, which is a new set of tier 9 armor.

Void Armor

Void knights are the supporters of Guthix, and the players of pest control, while playing, have to protect Void Knights from being monsters attacks. When the players do not playing pest control, they can talk to Void Knights to use their commendation points. However, void armor, is a new set of tier 9 armor, added to the game recently. Void armor damage reduction is more than magnetite armor’s, and same damage reduction to that of emerald armor. This will help the players to recharge the voodoo required for magic or spells. The design of void armor is a black glowing god armor, and on certain parts there are purple glows, with black iron horns for the helmet.

Players have to remember that the most useful item for restoring voodoo is probably a bag, as it do not disappear upon player’s death. The Crafting materials used in void armor are 6 jellies, 1 void shard and 1 magnetite for Shroud, 6 jelly, 2 Void Shards and 1 magnetite for Chestplate and legs, while the bag have 24 jelly, 6 Void Shards and 5 magnetite, moreover, it have a capacity of 400. This is the reason, bag is the most useful item. Though the void armor is equal to emerald armor, void armor is better than it. The void armor and god armor are on the same tier. However, god armor do not stipulate and provide offensive power similar to void. Void armor is a kind of strategy, while god armor is more of raw power. Void armor damage reduction ranges from 18% to 54% for each piece of armor.

What Is Voodoo

A new resource bar called, Voodoo are used to cast spells, and are restored in either of the conditions: by being in the void dimension or by wearing a void armor. Voodoo are just as same as the regular bags, health and hunger bars. The location of the voodoo bar is just above other stats, exactly next to your ability icon. The Voodoo bar will appear only if the player visits the void at least once. On public servers, the Voodoo bar will not regenerate in any state, but the void armor can be used.